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As one of the most popular land based casino games of all time, it really is no wonder that blackjack has now found its place amongst the staples of the online casino as well with online blackjack game options. This great and simple game has captured the heart of many a casino player with its quick play style and the way that you can just go on and on with one simple strategy that will fit all possible situations and allow you to get by without having to strain your mind too much into thinking about how to bet and how to play. Easier than craps by a long shot, but still requiring the daring that is needed to put a stake on a game of chance, it is a beloved game for many a high roller as well as the average Joe casino goer.

The rules of blackjack are very simple indeed. You play against the dealer, and it all begins when you are dealt two cards face up – after you have made your bet, of course. Your hand is assigned a total score depending on the cards that are in it: most cards are worth face value, with the exceptions of the King, Queen, and Jack which are worth ten, and the Ace which can be worth either one or eleven depending on what the situation calls for. Once you have your hand total worked out, you have to decide on your next move. If you stick with the cards that you have, and the banker scores a total that is higher than yours, you will lose the bet. On the other hand, if you ask for another card, your total could go over the amount of twenty one, making you go bust and lose the bet. The idea is to get as close to twenty one as possible without going over it: the name of the game itself comes from the fact that a jack paired with an ace is seen as the perfect hand, and extra special kudos is given to those who can manage it with both cards being spades. If you are dealt this combination, or any other that equals twenty one, the dealer will pay a return on your bet straight away as you will have indisputably won.

The only thing that you really have to think about with any seriousness when it comes to blackjack is when you should take another card, and when you should rely on luck to give the dealer a lower value. Most players who have spent their lives mastering the game argue that you should always stick at seventeen or above and take another card when your total is below that, but there is some scope for movement on either side. You could conceivably even stick with a fifteen if you had a feeling that the dealer was going to go bust! Generally it is seen as less risky to follow the normal strategy, but making your own is more fun.

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